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handmade silver birthday candle holders



This “family” candle holder is to be used to celebrate the birthdays of the whole family and to be passed down through the generations. Imagine blowing out a candle from a holder that held a candle your great-grandfather made his wishes from!

Individually handmade from fine silver, this birthday candle holder will make a very distinctive centrepiece for a birthday cake becoming a significant part of birthday celebrations year after year.

The candle holder comes presented in a simple gift box with a birthday candle and matchstick together with care instructions and a small presentation certificate to help mark the special occasion.

This oval shaped birthday candle holder measures approximately H2.7cm x W2.2 x D1.5cm A standard 5mm birthday candle fits securely into the candle 'cup'. A 1.5cm spike holds the candle holder firmly on the cake.

Made entirely by hand from start to finish.